Put the Internet on Your Wall


The Internet is stuck. It’s stuck inside devices and patterns of interaction that don’t live up to its creative and expressive potential. I’d like to change that. I’m building a new type of screen, and I’m going to put the Internet on your wall.

“WTF?” you might reasonably ask.

I’m building an internet-connected screen that will bring the Internet to your wall, a screen that is worthy of that beautiful mess of human expression that pervades our connected lives.

For the first time in history it’s possible to build a hardware company at startup scale. Cheap prototyping and crowdfunding means that it’s possible to explore hardware with the same sort of purposeful wandering by which we approach software. Ubiquitous connectivity means that every object in our homes and lives can be reconfigured to take advantage of the creative and connective potential of the web.

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Computational Still Life Painting
acrylic on canvas



Stills from “Issey Miyake Moves,” 2002.

Stills from “Issey Miyake Moves,” 2002.

Stills from “Issey Miyake Moves,” 2002.


Stills from “Issey Miyake Moves,” 2002.

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